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Manx Camp

Finnr as a Manx ManAs a viking-age reenactor I play with several groups (they're listed on my Viking Links page), ond of which is the Manx Camp. Manx was founded by our dear, departed fearless leader, Finnr—there he is on the right dressed as a Manx man. In the absence of Finnr, Manx is currently being guided by the amazing and talented Cynara. So anyway...here's a list of odds and sods related to Manx Camp and the Isle of Man, most of which were created by or posted by Finnr.

Manx Camp Yahoo! Group homepage - Our Manx Camp Yahoo! Groups homepage. Join and learn all about what we do! All the below articles are posted on the Manx homepage in the "files" section.

Manx Camp Articles by Finnr: