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sometimes you just gotta' say wheeeeee!Non-viking me:

I am a 30-something female with a lifelong love of technology, computers and anything new that I can fiddle with. Even as a child I actively embraced technology and it's ability to entertain and enlighten. Here I'm learning that even common household technology can provide hours of giggles and possibly embarrassing photos that some unscrupulous parental units might use as a bargaining chip during those awkward teen years...thank god I'm past all that.

I'm currently working as Web Developer and Marketing girl-Friday for Iron Crown Enterprises and here are the websites I developed and maintain for ICE: www.ironcrown.com, www.HARPHQ.com and www.Metal-Express.net. I also did the redesign for www.holistic-design.com

To balance my computer time I love to knit, sew, read (mostly SciFi, Fantasy and fiction), decorate my home, do a little gardening, and play with my dog, Chester.

Viking-age living historian me (Gudrun Ottosdottir):

As if you haven't figured it out yet, besides my love of technology and design, I love history and I particularly love the viking-age (750-1066AD). My Norse persona is a 10th century Dane name Gudrun Ottosdottir. What my name means (from BehindTheName.com):

Usage: Norse Mythology, Scandinavian, German
From the Old Norse name Guðrún meaning "god's secret lore", derived from the elements guð "god" and rún "secret lore". In Norse legend Gudrun was the wife of Sigurd. After his death she married Atli, but when he murdered her brothers, she killed her sons by him, fed him their hearts, and then slew him.

I've been doing this viking gig for over 10 years now and I love it more and more every year! To dig deeper into my viking hobby please check out my various viking pages including the "Who is Gudrun?" page.

Computer-generated me: This is a portrait I created at this Japanese website: Portrait Illustrator Maker.

My Site: This site was created on a PC using Dreamweaver MX, Top Style for CSS, Fireworks and some other stuff.

Things I've borrowed to make this site:squidfingers.comI would like to give a big thanks to Travis at www.squidfingers.com for allowing me to use some of his lovely background patterns. He does lovely work and is a darn friendly guy too!

My Legal Rights: Copyright © 2000-2005 Monica L. Wilson. All photos, illustrations & content are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. I mean it dammit.


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