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Chester the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Chester is my AKC Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born on May 17, 2004. I adopted him from Mary Ann Humphreys at Hickory Hill Farms in Fredericksburg, VA on Sat, July 24, 2004 when he was 9.5 weeks old. He is so adorable I want to slather him with barbeque sauce and eat him up...

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NOTE: Since Flickr is so easy to use and the slideshow option is so awesome, I won't be posting any new Chester photos on this page. Click any of the Flikr icons to go to my Flickr page! All the below pics are there too!

April - May 2005

Mar 2005

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Dec 2004 - He was very sleepy all month. He's up to 15.5lbs now.


Nov 2004 - He had his 6 month birthday on Nov 17!


Oct 18-25, 2004

Kirby Action Kirby!

Oct 11, 2004 — Every day around 4:15pm Chester goes across the street to play with his best buddy, Kirby the West Highland White Terrier and Emily, Amy and Andy.

Kirby Action Kirby! Kirby again greetings...doggy style. Action Chester! secret fort what's in the bird bath? King of the backyard! Friends to the end.

Oct 1-7 2004

Sept 2004

Aug 2004

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July 24-30, 2004 I brought Chester home on Sat, July 24, 2004!

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July 4, 2004: The first time I met Chester at the breeder's house. He was almost 7 weeks old!