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Just recently I've gotten into Japanese dolls. Specifically, I'm addicted to Blythes, Pullips and antique Geisha dolls. Here are my girls!


Have no idea what a Blythe is??? Here's a brief history from Gina Garan's site.

Sept 15, 2005: My 6 gals!

Click on the pic to see the big version.


Have no idea what a Pullip is either??? Here's a good overview on the PullipParade website.

July 21, 2005: Gertie is my first Pullip! She's a Paja Pullip.



Acquired Aug 12, 2005 on eBay: This 50(?) year old lovely has a gofun face and silk hair and kimono. She stands a whopping 20" tall and has the most gorgeous face. Check out the back of her kimono and a close-up of her face.

Acquired July 20, 2005 on eBay: My first antique Geisha doll is here! I won her on eBay from a woman in NC who inherited it from her Great-Grandmother. Isn't she a beauty?! Check out the back of her kimono and a close-up of her wonderful face. She's 19" tall and has gofun hands and face, silk hair and an all-silk kimono. I love the little purple straps on her sandals.