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Who is Gudrun?

Gudrun Nalbinding a sockMy viking-age living history persona is a 10th century Dane named Gudrun Ottosdottir. My favorite things to research and recreate are the clothing and shoes of the period. I also love to create socks and mittens using a technique called nalbinding.

Usage: Norse Mythology, Scandinavian, German
From the Old Norse name Guðrún meaning "god's secret lore", derived from the elements guð "god" and rún "secret lore". In Norse legend Gudrun was the wife of Sigurd. After his death she married Atli, but when he murdered her brothers, she killed her sons by him, fed him their hearts, and then slew him. Good fun overall I'd say.

SCA Awards Of Special Note:

Pearl Medallion

May 29, 2004—"Honorable Lady" Gudrun Ottosdottir

I became an honored Companion of the Order of the Pearl! I had no idea I was going to be called into court for this very special award and I am EXTREMELY honored to say the least. The Pearl is an "Award of High Merit" in the SCA and this page lists all the various awards given in the Kingdom of Atlantia. Now the real work begins...

June 7, 2003 — Fellow of the University of Atlantia

After teaching nalbinding at 3 different SCA University events I have become a Fellow of the University.

My AOA scroll

June 20, 2000 —"Lady" Gudrun Ottosdottir

I received my SCA Award of Arms: An award given by the Crown giving a person the right to bear Arms (i.e., heraldry), and to use the title Lord or Lady.

As you can see, the little shield on my scroll is empty since I'm lacking a heraldic device. Once I've submitted my device and it's been approved I'll have it added to this lovely scroll. The only real problem is that organized heraldry wasn't around during the viking age. Oh well, I guess I'll have to make an exception for the SCA!

Jan 20, 2000 — Kingdom A&S Award

At the big Kingdom 12th Night Event I entered my nalbinding in the Kingdom Arts & Sciences "Dressed To Excess" competition. This was my first competition, and I guess all the judges were impressed because I won!

Check out the spiff scroll I received!


Here's the Atlantian page showing my awards

So there you have it...that's the quick and dirty Gudrun overview. For more details check out my other "vikings" links: