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As is usual for me, I want to provide a little background on what knitting is and the general history of it:

WIP's (Works In Progress)

Jan 2006: Campus Scarf from Scarf Style
I'm making this for my sweetheart Gabriel in Mission Falls 1824 Merino Wool. This stuff is yummy and oh so soft.


Dec 2005: Lady Eleanor Entralac Shawl from Scarf Style
I'm using the Noro Kureyon #95 that was originally the Dibs on Ribs sweater.


April 20: Socks for moi in Fortissima Socka Colori Mexico color #9074

FO's (Finished Objects)

November 2005: Feather and Fan scarf from Scarf Style. I used the very yummy Fuzzy Wuzzy Mohair yarn from Dancing Leaf Farm.


June 4 - Nov 1, 2005: Indian Summer Jacket (Butterfly Super 10 cotton) from Interweave knits and I LOVE the colors! The Indian Summer Jacket patttern is free on IKs Projects & Articles page.

Indian Summer JacketBack medallion


Finished and Immediately Frogged Nov 2005, 2005: Dibs on Ribs sweater in Noro Kureyon #95. The pattern is in the May 2005 Subscriber-only content area of the Interweave Knits website. I finished this sweater, tried it on and immediately frogged it. I was hideous on me. So...now I'm using the wool to make the Lady Eleanor Entralac Shawl from Scarf Style.

Dibs on Ribs


Aug 14 - 30, 2005: Unbiased Bag from Knitty.com.
I went to The Yarn Lounge on Saturday and fell in love with the Mango Moon recycled sari silk yarn. Naturally I bought 2 skeins and have already started this adorable bag.


March 1-April 22, 2005: Color on Color Scarf from Scarf Style


April 14, 2005: The Floral Felted Bag by Nancy Epstein is done!
I even added a nice cotton twill lining with pockets (one is zippered) for my cell phone, lipsticks and other stuff. The pattern for this bag is in the Fall 2004 Interweave Knits. It uses Jamieson’s Shetland Double Knitting wool and I found it for $4.75/ball on the Handworks Gallery website.


March 4, 2005: Clapotis from Knitty.com
After seeing my friend Suzanne's finished "Clap" I decided I had to have one too, but in a different colorway so I'm not a total poser/copycat. I went and bought the yarn today at the wonderful Holly Spring Homespun shop in Powhatan, VA. It goes perfect with my hair! Started: Feb 12, 2005

Clapotis from Knitty.com My gorgeous hand-dyed merino wool from Holly Spring Homespun


Feb 12, 2005: Latifa Scarf from Knitty.com for me!
This awesome scarf pattern from Knitty.com is in the works but will have to wait until after Christmas to get started.


Dec 20, 2004: Little Leaf Lace Scarf for my Mother for Chrsitmas
Using Koigu KPPPM in color #212 and this lovely pattern.


Nov 29, 2004: Multidirectional Scarf in Noro Silk Garden #213.
The pattern is easy and a ton of fun and you can get the PDF version of it here. I gave this one to my friend Cathy. I need to get a picture of the finished item the next time I'm over there!


October 2004: Cape Mod from Stitch n' Bitch.
I actually made it out of some gorgeous orange and red yarn recycled from a man's J. Crew sweater that was given to me. Instead of the fun fur accent stripes (I don't like fun fur) I did some rows of purl stitches which made for a lovely contrast. The finished product was given to my friend Heather in trade for her doing my hair! I will have pics of her in it very soon!

Cap Mod pic from the book.


Sept 2004: Dog Gone Cute Classic Aran sweater from Leisure Arts
A winter sweater for my little Chester! I've never done cables before, so a small dog sweater will be a good way to gently work at the skill!

My dog sweater


Sept 2004: Wool Soakers for Keri's upcoming bambina.
The ones in the pic were made with the Fern & Faerie pattern in Brown Sheep Company Worsted weight wool .


Aug 2004 - Stitch Diva's Asymmetric Poncho
I did this bad boy in Berocco Zen Colors ribbon yarn (Tokyo Rose colorway) and it drapes BEAUTIFULLY! It's also nice and shawl-like so I don't consider it to be a typical poncho.


Aug 2004 - StitchDiva's Bohemian poncho
In Berocco Cotton Twist in the "Armani" colorway. For now, Stitch_Diva is selling her PDF knitting and crochet patterns via eBay. I've bought this and one crochet pattern from her and I LOVE them. They're very well written and lavishly illustrated with photos and stitch tutorials. I gave this one to my friend Keri and she looks wonderful in it!
Armani colorway


Aug 12, 2004: Honeymoon Cami from Knitty.com
It's in Tahki Cotton Classic mercerised cotton in a lovely pale blue.
Honeymoon Cami half done


July 15, 2004: Fiber Trends Felted Sheep
Made this cutie for my friend Keri's upcoming baby! This was a very easy and quick project and so very satisfying. I used Lopi yarn and it felted really quickly in the hot wash cycle and nary a stitch can be seen.



May 2004: First pair of Regia Crazy Colors socks.


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