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Sept 2014 Update: This Viking Links page has not been maintained since 2005 and many of the links are broken but some may still be working.

Anglo Saxon

Antler and bone vendors

Architecture - longhouses, etc...

Artifact photos

Battle of Hastings

Bayeux Tapestry



Birka, Sweden

Boats and Ships


NOTE: Also take a look at the below Re-enactor info sites (and email lists) for viking-age as they all have sections on clothing.

Dying and colors

What does "Viking" Mean?

Fabric stores (good linen)

Finland in Viking Age

Keep in mind that the Finns did not go "a viking" like the Danish, Swedish and Norwegeans did, sotechnically they were not "Vikings".

Friends' Websites - very good research here!

Fur and hide vendors


Gotland, Sweden - Professor Dan Carlsson's sites and related sites

Gudrun (my namesake)


Ibn Fahdlan text

Icelandic Horses

Longship Company

Manx matters

Metal work and Blacksmithing



Names - Norse

Newfoundland, Canada

Norway and Kaupang excavation

Online Publications

Oseberg, Norway Ship Burial

Ostvik Camp related websites


Re-enactment Groups

Re-enactor info sites (and email lists) for viking-age

These are the serious sites that I refer often. There are tons of other viking-age sites out there, but these are the ones that get down to the brass tacks of authenticity!

  • Daily Life in the Viking Age website - has excellent pictures of many, many wood reproductions. "World of the Norse" was created for the Cranbrook Institute of Science by Darrell Markewitz. This site is an unofficial educational support service intented to provide extra background to the exhibit.
  • Fröjel Discovery Programme - Created by Professor Dan Carlsson of Gotland University in Sweden, this site is chock full of artifact images and info about past and current archaeological digs in Gotland. Check out the Object Gallery to see photos of combs, beads, belt buckles, belt decorations and ceramics from the viking-age.
  • Fröjel Gotlandica Viking Re-Enactment Society - Based in Gotland, Sweden, the members of this group aim to re-create the clothing, weapons, tools, jewelry, games, foods and furniture of the viking period, to enjoy an escape to a simpler more relaxed time while putting on displays for the public and getting together with like minded people. One of the members of this group is Professor Dan Carlsson, Center of Baltic studies. He's also President of Viking Heritage, an Associate Professor at Gotland University
    Sweden and the archaeologist in charge Fröjel Excavation.
  • Jomsborg Online Forum - Online forum for viking-age reenactors.Its members include several reenactment groups from all over the world. Good stuff!
  • Regia Anglorum - Anglo-Saxon, Viking, Norman and British Living History. From their homepage: "Regia Anglorum attempts to recreate a cross section of English life around the turn of the first millennium. Our actual self imposed brief is AD950 - 1066, although our events may sometimes be set a few decades either side of these dates. Our basic tenet is Authenticity. To this end we will not portray any image, support any ideal, or make any item of kit which we cannot provenance from contemporary sources. This sometimes requires us to re-evaluate how we look and why we make or wear certain items, and to alter them or our habits to hone the image we depict." This page has a full listing of all the various Regia pages/articles on a wide range of subjects.
  • Viking Answer Lady - Created by Gunnvör Sílfrhárr (Christie Ward), this is one awesome site with tons of accurate info and lots of pictures of artifacts. She discusses a wide range of subjects from daily life, to technology, agriculture, war, art, myth, settlements, AND she has a very good bibliography. Gunnvor is also very active on the Yahoo! Groups Norsefolk email list.
  • Viking Heritage Website - A group of Viking researchers, from different areas and fields, have taken the initiative to create a network covering the whole of the geographical area of the Vikings - from the Scandinavian countries to France, from Russia to Canada. Their main goals are to encourage the preservation and enhanced understanding of the Viking period cultural heritage as a source of social, economic and cultural development. You can also subscribe to their quarterly Viking Heritage Magazine, and download previous copies as PDFs from their website.
  • Thora Sharptooth's Viking Resources for the Re-enactor - These are the pages of Thora Sharptooth (Carolyn Priest-Dorman) and they cover everything from viking-age clothing, textiles, cooking and foodstuffs, physical culture, and wordfame: Display and Ceremony.
  • Yahoo! Groups Norsefolk email list - This is THE place to get and share info if you're into authentic viking-age re-enactment...or if you're just really interested in the viking-age.

Reproduction Vendors--jewelry, wood items, etc


Scotland--Vikings In Scotland

Shoes and Leather


Viking Clip Art and Borders

Viking Fonts

Woodworking (boxes, beds etc...)

Wareham Forge (Darrell Markewitz) Woodworking Info & Pictures

  • sea chest photo 3 -this time with a Hafnafl board carved on top and leather hinges. Hey Jeff! I want a box just like this one!
  • Wareham Forge - Darrell is truly amazing

York Archaeological Trust